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The window had clear glass, which despite my irrational jealousy wasn't really a problem for me as the window was chest height, and the rear of the pr...perty sloped down quite a lot, which meant that you could not stand and look through the bathroom window and see anything other than someone's head and shoulders.One such weekend Linda went to bath before getting ready for bed, and while in there asked me to get her toiletry bag which she had left in the car. My car was parked in the garage at. I replied nothing special.The next half an hour we were talking about different things and my respect towards her increased understanding her knowledge and opinions in various subjects. I have never talked to a lady for such a long time as I thought that I will not be able to impress them and now I was surprised to know that the most important thing men have to do when dealing with women is that we have to listen to them & take care of them.Then we had our dinner and aunt also joined our talks.. Then I felt it. She squeezed my cock with her vagina. At first it was once every ten seconds or so. Then she began grinding her hips into me, squeezing me with every thrust. The sensation was incredible. “I’m going to cum,” I whispered into her ear. She pushed me out of her. “No.” she said. I want to watch you. I want to see how far you can cum. “Are you going to finish me?” I asked. “No,” she replied, “ I want to watch.” I took my cock in my hand and stroked it with a fury. “I’ll cum quicker. After the kiss was over mom said I will be back in a bit I must go check on your father and see to it he is taken care of properly. Mom arrives in the den dad is propped up in his chair she checks on him tells him goodnight and places a kiss on his forhead and walks away.About 20 mints have passed since mom was in my room me head was still spinning from this latest development. What was I to do now did I forget it happened? To push on to see where else it might lead what was the right step.

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