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In early December 1985, (I was 20 years old) after 2 years overseas in Japan I returned to the states. I flew into San Francisco and was met at the ai...port by a large contingent of my relatives. I was starting 30 days of leave before heading to my next duty station in Florida. As my mom was living in Oregon at the time I would be staying with my aunt in the Bay Area for most of the time. I had no idea at the time what a great leave it would be. I did not have a lot of experience with women. I. What should have been a simple matter of picking a realtor was stalled. I knew that if we put it to a vote of the committee, we would be divided with forty-four votes each way. Could I count on Nadine's vote? I knew which way Nancy Dickens would lean and she could probably sway Gordon McMahan to vote with her.The following weekend, I told Paige that I was becoming impatient. "I have nothing else to do here. I have responsibilities at home." You keep telling me how well John Larkin manages your. I can do that. Of course, I have so many questions... I’m used to using resources when I reach the end of my own abilities. A good engineer does that. Don’t know what to do about that particular problem? Find the expert on the subject and get help. So I figured that if I was dealing with criminals and incarceration, maybe I needed somebody in law enforcement.“Officer Canfield,” I said into my iPhone, “this is Tina Addison.”“Hey, Tina!” he replied. “What’s up?”That’s a good thing. Ever since. For the meal, Sable wore Kira's darkest clothing, to minimize the contrast between her skin and the deep azure. McAllister sipped the three-hundred year-old brandy, appreciative of the art of the long-ago craftsman who'd distilled it and of the moment of calm security, one of the few he had yet had on this world. The meal itself was fishcakes and bread, with some small jellies that were preserved in tiny glass pots under paraffin. The flour to bake the bread and firm the fishcakes had come from.

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