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I was a chemistry major, but all that was going to get me was a job. I wanted something that would teach me useful things, like how to fix a toilet. I...went to my job after school and on weekends. It wasn’t hard work, but a lot of times customers would ask me questions I couldn’t answer. They’d be looking for a particular kind of bolt I never heard of or parts for a faucet I didn’t know. That’s when I would have to ask one of the old guys. Lou was okay, but Jack always tried to make me feel like. "Ay, papi," she squeaks out, "please." He moves into the room with his prick in hand. He is now hard from watching her and jerking off. His cock extends out of his whitey tighties still concealing his balls. He keeps jerking and sidles up to Leora, who leans forward now, legs wide apart and still rubbing the monkey on her kitten but reaching out to take his hardness in one hand.She had been so close. So close. Now a little spasm jerks her and her body tenses with the needed come. Still, she. Pouting, I look down at your raging hard-on between your legs and whine “But, Daddy, my pussy is so sore.” With a harsh look you, push my legs back so my ass is off the bed and spit in my reddish-brown hole. Then all at once you ram me to see the shocked look on my face. My watery eyes, streaking mascara and yelps just make you harder. My toes are straining inside my high-heels, then the screams start. Thrust after thrust give a new scream each time. “Bitch you know you like it, SO TAKE IT!”My. The soft caress of a feminine touch, captivated me too! My eyes were closed and I believed she did the same too. I felt it coming and I waited, holding my breath. The soft touch of her mouth found mine. It was good and I felt the lost in time. I got to have it and I opened my mouth slightly to the invasion of her tongue. We were both twisting our tongues in a circular motion and it instantly sparked the flow of my juice, making my pussy wet in anticipation. We both knew we wanted to proceed.

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