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Once the door was closed we continued our kissing and touching. It felt like I was 35 years younger and I was making out with my c***dhood sweetheart...all over again! "I figured that you and Gem would be helping Chloe give Don the night of his dreams!" I teased her with a big smile. Liz looked up into my face and smiled. "You really are a bastard you know?" We laughed and she took my hand and we started to walk hand in hand down the wall, her swinging our arms in an exaggerated fashion.As. She picked up her clothes and tried to cover herself.I explained the situation to her and she laughed, she said she was on her way to the beach with some friends and wanted to change into shorts and a T-shirt she had closed to door, not expecting someone to come out from the loo knowing we were alone in the locked bedroom, I don’t know what got over me was her beautiful sexy body or the beer.I just walked to her and gave her a kiss on her lips for about 5 seconds with my tongue trying to. “Not unless you want a mind-wipe from ImpSec.”“Ah...”“Could you describe what you did, before we release you on your own recognisance?” he asked.I went through my actions accurately, getting nods of understanding from both before the door in the room opened and a tall saturnine man wearing red gloves entered.“You will release Subject 1341 to my custody,” he stated, producing a holographic badge of the ImpSec Medical Resource from his armband.“Of course,” the Investigator replied. “We had. He washed my pussy and tits, and I washed his cock and nut sack….then we dried each other off before ordering room service for dinner.When our room service meal was over, Alan said he was bushed and needed to sleep before his next flight, but I was amped up and really needed to do something active. I called one of the other flight attendants and we decided to meet up and go to a nearby night club for some night time fun.I dressed in a form fitting tube dress made mostly of spandex, with.

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