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My folks will pick me up by theend of the week." Lily walked out of the door of the cabin, leaving Lilypouting on her unmade bed.Lily stewed for a few...seconds before bolting out of bed to catch Fiona.She had to convince her to stay, it was for her own good, probably. Shesaw a dark haired figure with Fiona's dimensions in a baggy polo walkingdown a path and grabbed her shoulder, well his shoulder."Hey Lily, what's up?" Pete turned to his girlfriend. Their power-madboss had been obsessed with. The Bodywork’s shop I realised was down a lane, from the road sign, it was way below my usual haunts; the alley walls graffiti ridden. However, I steeled myself and was also cranking up the charm. I was a woman on a mission to cover up her ‘fucking mistake’.A guy who was no doubt reasonable or even better when he was scrubbed up, but he had on paint splattered greased overalls and three days growth on his face, not my type usually, was looking over a vehicle outside the workshop. God the wrench. What happened to the girl? Is she still being trained to serve our pussies?"594's voice was even more muffled. "I hope so. It's so nice to have this juicy pussy to suck again. She should be fully ready in a couple of days. She's going through the 'hate men and cocks treatment' even as we speak. What time is 337 scheduled for tomorrow?"She's going to be taken when she leaves to get the last slave for our Master." Gales of laughter were heard. "Wait until he sees 588. She'll have his balls inside. Gulabo with a defeated look untied her petticoat string, dropped it down and stood stark naked in front of me. I was watching her nude body as she climbed onto the bed feeling humiliated on exposing her body to me.“Are you happy now, now come and suck my breasts and let me go quickly, Munna.”I just nodded and knelt beside Gulabo taking her breasts in my hands. Hungrily I squeezed her gorgeous D cup breasts, rolling them, and running my thumbs across her erected nipples. Gulabo shuddered as I.

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