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Once I'm in, I start to pound away. I'm so deep in his ass that it's really tight. Every thrust feels incredible. I'm not sure if it's his moans, but ...'m always surprised by how much I end up cumming in his ass.Afterward, I pull out and clean off my cock, but he just lays there for a bit. His eyes are half-open, and it looks like he's in pure bliss. Whenever I stick around, he waits a little bit, flips over, and starts to jack off. Apparently his ass can still feel the aftershocks from when I. "Then he vanished.I woke myself out of my dreamstate, only to realize he had already hadleft my room.I swore."Dam it!" ...Chapter 2Brand:I snapped out of the dreamstate, and fled Faith's room.I flew out of Poe, with my brain churning a thousand miles an hour, myemotions a jumbled mess.I didn't slow down until I was nearing the small park in the middle ofthe campus.It's called the Grove, and it's ... magic.Fey magic.Ancient, raw, and connected to the Earth in a way my magic cannot be.And. Since my skin can be on the oily side, Nan used a matte foundation and then added blush to my cheeks. I have big eyebrows but she filled them in a little with a pencil and had me close my eyes while she went to work on the eye shadow. A bit of waterproof eyeliner and mascara really removed any hint of maleness; I could not believe what I was seeing in the mirror. Nan used a red lip liner before painting my lips with a bright red shade that had endless shimmer.Nan had laid out a few wigs and. When he came&hellip,I came&hellip,his hot semen coating the inside of my rectum. He pulled out and then spun me around, not giving me time to enjoy my orgasm. He grabbed my head and jammed his cock into my mouth, commanding, Clean me up. I did, as disgusting as it was&hellip,and thankfully he then left me alone. Five minutes later, one of his guards walked in&hellip,and thus it really started. For some reason, I felt a need to keep count&hellip,and so did Sara. Each day during our shower, we.

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