Super Cute Babe During Shower

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My condition.”“Then how can your doctor prescribe it for you?”“A licensed doctor can prescribe any drug for any condition,” she replied. “...ut if the diagnostic codes don’t match, the insurance company balks at paying for it. Dad’s old policy was liberal and covered it — I only needed to pay a twenty-dollar co-pay.”“I’ve got some money. How much would it be out-of-pocket?”“Five hundred,” she said.“Five? Hundred? Dollars?”“That’s right.”“Holy ... That’s more than I can scrounge up. Are you. I ran the fingernails of one of my hands along his huge scrotum and balls preparing myself for the enormous load of his sweet cum that was about to erupt into my mouth. I felt his balls tighten and heard him moan and then relished his sweet hot cum as it exploded into my mouth in strong spurts and continued down my throat! It seemed to never stop and I swallowed as fast as I could, but quite a bit of his sperm dribbled from my mouth and down my chin. In looked up into his eyes and could still. Licking slowly back up, I give her some alphabet licks.“Aaahhh, yes,” Joni cries out, as she teases her erect nipples with her fingers.Slipping my tongue inside her flower, my nose rubs around her clit and when I move my head side to side; she grabs two handfuls of my hair.Thrusting her hips upward, my tongue slips further into Joni’s slit licking up her juices.“Oh Gaaawwwddd, make me come!” Joni screams out while pulling my hair.I slip my tongue from her slit, roll it into a tube around Joni’s. I watched as she got out and started to put gas in the car. I decided to go out and help her out."Hi Mrs, Wilson! Would you like me to put the gas in for you?" I asked"Thank you Mike but I have to buy the self-serve. Money is really tight." She replied"No problem, I'll take care of it for you. Go ahead and get back in the car. How much gas do you want?" I said"I only have $5. So that will have to do." She said with a note depression in her voiceI put the gas in and then washed her windows for.

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