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.”“Oh Julie, that is fantastic. Congratulations,” I said, interrupting her. Then I gave her a big kiss on the lips and a hug. As I leaned back s...e seemed to have gone a little rigid.“Oh God. Sorry,” She said. “I’m so sorry. I just dashed out. I suppose I should’ve...” Her words trailed off and as they did so, I felt a warm sensation trickle down my belly and on to my pussy. Soaking into my panties.I looked into Julie’s eyes and asked, “Have you just wet yourself?”She nodded. “Sorry Vanessa. I. Woooww it was too big in the pant. He was unaware of my act and suddenly shivered as soon as I held his hard dick. He gave a sudden moan, haaaaa aaramseee.He went down kissing on my stomach and He untied the knot of my petticoat with his mouth. He used his hands n removed it at one shot. I was shy and tried to cover my pussy part with my hands. He was awesome at making me apart from my hands. He kissed on my shoulder and came down licking my hand on next to my fingers, I was moaning hmm hmmm. It was magnificent! “Was it worth the wait?” I asked, chuckling softly. He grinned and landed a half-hearted slap on my ass, “Definitely. Not waiting another year, or even a week to do that again.” “Better not.” We eventually got dressed and left the building with promises to keep our trysts between us. I hadn’t slept that well in a very long time. * The next morning, I strolled into my office and greeted Gladys. “Good morning, Miss Rhowe. You have a package. I left it on your desk,” she. . you naughty boy," said Maneka with her eyes fixed on his.The 'naughty boy' comment made his already semi-erect cock stiffen even more and the still smiling Maneka's eyes moved to his crotch as she said, "I think we should take that cane out of the cupboard don't you?" Yes, I think we should, Miss."As she led the way upstairs, his eyes were on her backside and he could not detect a panty line under her very tight skirt.They reached the appropriate bedroom and Maneka went to the cupboard and.

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