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He'd said that there needed to be archangels, so that they could focus on running Heaven and Hell."You've almost reached the village," Amia heard the ...oice of her creator say. "The locals will guide you to the chosen two." Yes Lord," Amia said plainly."Amia, I know you're worried about this, but you shouldn't be." I'm not worried." Amia, my child, you cannot lie to me. You are worried that I will love you less because of there being more archangels." Okay, maybe I'm a bit worried..." Amia, you. I felt her move next to me and just cracked one eye open and saw the guy sitting next to her having a feel of her tits. Should I tackle her about it or see what happened? I stayed still.Next thing, she got up and I heard her tell him she was going to the toilet and as she edged past him he had a good feel of her arse. She wasn’t long and sat down again and he started groping her tits again only now he was working his way up under her sweat shirt and she was making no move to stop him, I'm fact. We got Bombay train around 7 pm we taken night Tiffin by 9 we got 1st class separate cabin for our four I tried to approach him but he neglected my signals or he would not have thought about me I could not sleep that night in midnightI looked at his body while sleeping I got fear to touch him around early morning 4 am I began to slept when I woke up in the morning around 7 am all woke up in law was sitting opposite to my berth I was lying on the upper berth now I got an idea and I acted that I. You are to beg and plead with them,convincingly. Do you understand you fucking whore. Shenodded and said, yes sir, it’s I do.She was too exhausted and too spent to move from thatposition until dawn. None of my buds and I could sleepall night long because we didn’t want to miss anythingthat would happen to her. That “boogie” ended with eightof my buddies fucking her and 15 passerbys. She had beenbutt fucked by six. She had sucked 16 cocks. She had 14random loads of cum.

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