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.! As i am a brave boy i know kick-boxing, i thought i’ll bang them who ever may b,.. I opened the door and i was shocked there were sixers i mean (...hakkhas), 3 of them, among them one was looking good..She was telling me that lets go in i’ll massage u n your****. I was in no words two of them was already in contact with my body.. One was massaging my back inside my t-shirt n one was massaging my cock over my jeans, my cock, was rock hard.. I was in full mood, i went inside the toilet with one. “Take a seat and make yourself comfortable… I won’t be long!” I joked as I locked the door. It took me a few seconds to catch my breath as I quicklysat on the toilet with my knickers around my ankles; gallons of golden pee cascading into the bowl. All I could think, in my drunken state, as I pulled my knickers back up, was. “God! It’s actually going to happen,” I tried to work out a plan of action as I re-applied my lipstick and quickly brushed my hair. “That’s it!” I grinned at my. 2500 rs!!!Hum dono ne use bahut kosa aur dam karne ko kaha, par usne kaha ke usne mobile pe 2000 rs ka ek tuta hua machine lagaya hai, aur dukan wale iske 4000 rs tak mang te. To shriya ne kaha ke hum ye kisto me chuka denge. Par wo chhodne wala nahi tha. Hum puri tarah ghabra gaye the.Tabhi shriya ne keh diya ke paise mere ghar me hai, wo kal subah 10 baje ake le jaye. To usne uspe bharosa kiya aur mere ghar ki address leke mere 700 rs rakh liye aur hame jane diya. Mujhe tab laga ke hum kal. I lost my sense of time. When I finally realized it, the first thing I saw was Gabriela's fase smiling at me: "Welcome, Karla, your Glorious Orgasm seals your total transformation. You are now my Little FuckSow now. No return, no turning back, Karla." and stood up. Ginger stroked me, bringing me back to my senses. They removed all the strings and set me free, still floating in the rest of my chaotic sensations. When I finally got to my feet, I was shaking and walking like a drunk. Ginger.

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