Sex With Friends

Die Kerze brennt bereits eine betraechtliche Zeit auf dem Tisch. Dann erklaert er mir meine Aufgabe waehrend der naechsten Runde. Ich habe bereits ha...ufiger Kerzen mit der Brust oder der Pussie ausdruecken muessen, aber hier liegt das Problem anders, durch die unterschiedliche Hoehe der Kerzendochte kann man die Kerze nicht in einem Zug ausdruecken, man muss sich daher entscheiden was man sich verbrennen moechte. Er bietet daher zwei Loesungen an: Das vordehnen der Fotze, so dass ich ohne. I guess you figured that out.” I shrugged my shoulders and continued to service him.He said he was getting close and wanted to know where he could blow. I pulled off because I did not want to experience his cum eruption in my mouth. I just knew he would shoot far more cum than I wanted to deal with. I said “How about I jerk you off?” His response was “How about I shoot on your ass? That would be hot. Can I shoot on your ass?” I hesitated and said “Okay but don’t freak out when I drop my pants.”. My wife began to stir, her blue eyes opening slowly. Her hands were still bound by duct tape and the young black man had made an ?O? out of them and slipped his head through so that her arms were around his neck and upper shoulders. Tape was still over her mouth, and as her eyes focused they opened wide in shock and fear. She was starring up into the face of a young black man who was lying on top of her, between her widely stretched open white legs. Just as she realized this she felt something. As was typical of the young and stupid, we simply lived in the moment and never realized that life wasnt always going to be that good or that simple, that time marches on, and that the only thing constant in our lives would be change. We had mistakenly believed that slow dances, cold beer, and hot sex on a summer night could sustain us indefinitely. I turned off the TV, tossed the empty pretzel bag in the trash, and stomped off to bed. Its Saturday morning. My time to indulge in cold cereal.

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