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Her ex-employer now, thank God... The obscene mouth of his naked wife upon her wide-splayed thighs... Oh dear God! She shivered convulsively and took ...nother large swallow of the amber liquor to soothe the misery in her heart. She knew she should be filled with repugnance and loathing for the vile things that had been done to her, and she was. But her nightmares were not of them so much as of her own despicable submission and performance, and that was scaring her more. She had not merely. "Let the water relax you. And then I'll do a little relaxing of my own."The hot water felt divine as she submerged herself in it. It seeped into her pores, easing the tension from her day of travel and debriefing. God, it was so nice to be back in her own home instead of the cramped cabin aboard the Alberta, or the even more cramped quarters at the Lemondrop facility. There had been no baths in either place, just lukewarm showers twice a week. And there had certainly been no Julie to rub her. He had stopped sucking me and was getting very agitated in his movements. His cock was pretty long, maybe nine inches, so it was a good thing I had my hand wrapped around it. I slid my hand down closer to his nuts so I could get a little bit more of him in my mouth, almost to the point of gagging. I pumpedhim faster and sucked harder and I could feel his pecker swell and throb as he got closer to shooting.I guess he wanted the world to hear all about it because he shouted "I'm cumming! I'm. My city is pretty small so it’s only 5 minutes or so until the buildings shrink and I can turn on to back streets lined with trees, houses on big plots set back from the road. The air is fairly cool right now, but there is a promise of heat in the clear skies and bright sunshine. At this time of year the city often sees the high 80s plus the humidity, so I’m glad to be out before the temperature rises too much. My office has AC but my apartment not so much. I’m also hoping a run will clear my.

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