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K, how's it going!?!" "W-what are you doing in here, young man," the mortified woman stammered while turning to cover her large breasts and vagina!?! ...Well," he said while eyeing her hungrily, "I was thinkin' you was Linda, but now I'm glad you ain't!!!" Even in her stunned state, Pearl Knight couldn't help staring at Linc's huge erection, and with a wavering voice ordered, "N-now you get out of her right now or I'll have to tell Linda about this!!!" Linc laughed evilly at the older woman's. I knew that Jaq would want to watch me and Karen together some more. Sure enough, Jaq wanted to watch me fuck Karen. Karen's panties now removed, we got her into position, still in her long boots. Jaq held her legs open. Jaq watched as I lubed up the little anal passage in front of me. Inch by inch I eased my cock into the horny little crossdresser.Karen was very vocal as I proceeded to give her a good fucking, telling us that she was a dirty little whore who needed a good fucking. Jaq sat. “Here’s what’s going to happen my little boy,” Ms. Cougar explained. “For the last movement of our little dance, we’re going to cane your pretty ass. Chris nearly died when he heard this. So far, they’d beat him very badly, but they hadn’t left any bad marks on him. He knew the caning would be severe and result in bad bruises, welts and probably blood.“Don’t worry, little boy,” Ms. Cougar said. “If you perform as you’re supposed to, the canning won’t last that long.” She was already. She kissed really slow and I was just following her instructions. I was holding her tight with the music in the background surrounded by many people.Then she bit my lower lip and broke that kiss. She said it is you who needed to make the first move you idiot and not me. And I was little shocked, a girl who I have started liking is about to leave, and kissed me while my lower lip hurt and stated that I did not make the move and hence she did.After this, I got into the zone and said my turn. She.

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